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PI: Maryam Tilton, Ph.D. 


Office: ETC 4.138

I am an Assistant Professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering and a core member of the CAMDI team at UT Austin. I also serve on the GSC of the Biomedical Engineering department. Holding a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2016-2020) and having completed a postdoctoral fellowship (2020-2023) at the Mayo Clinic's Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory under the NIH-T32 Musculoskeletal Research Training Program, my research spans 3D biomanufacturing to tissue engineering. This unique fusion of mechanical precision with biological insights drives my team to pioneer solutions for crucial clinical needs, particularly in the realm of age-related degenerative musculoskeletal diseases. With a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and innovation, I am dedicated to making a significant impact both in the classroom and through my laboratory work.


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