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At BioMATTER Lab, we leverage advanced visible light-induced 3D (bio)printing, combining tissue biomechanics theories and polymer synthesis, to create functional BioMATerials for Tissue Engineering and Regeneration. Our focus is on advancing minimally invasive treatments for age-related degenerative musculoskeletal diseases.

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Overview of Our Research

Our mission is advancing minimally invasive treatment strategies for pressing age-related chronic diseases, such as bone loss and disc degeneration. Navigating the interdisciplinary landscape, we blend expertise in biomaterials, 3D (bio)printing, and biomolecular engineering. Recognizing the crucial role of mechanical signals from the extracellular matrix (ECM) in cellular behavior, our approach integrates mechanobiological studies. By fusing material science, advanced 3D biomanufacturing, and comprehension of mechanobiology, we aim to craft precise and effective injectable functionalized scaffolds for minimally invasive tissue regeneration. 

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"We will be at ORS 2024 - 70th birthday" 

Feb 2024

"Natalie, first year undergraduate student joined the BioMATTER Lab" Dec 2023

"Junhan, Domenic, and Anastasia joined the BioMATTER Lab as the first graduate students" Aug 2023

"Dr. Maryam Tilton joined the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering as a tenure-track assistant professor." Aug 2023

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